Hey guys, sorry I had to record this straight from youtube. I love you all! Personal Sites: Youtube.com/clorissabrown itsmeclorene.tumblr.com facebook.com/itsmeclorene twitter.com/itsmeclorene

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10 Kommentare

  1. ntcssj sagt:

    Emma Watson FTW!

  2. shesfuckingcrazy sagt:

    Emma Watson is Freaking hot xD

  3. colleenmariejohnson sagt:

    I love Emma Watson omg

  4. PurpleGeek128 sagt:

    shenae grimes >_<

  5. twilove19011 sagt:

    We have similar taste in girls, but I am not any of the physical things.

    You have amazing hair. AMAZING. I love it. And your dog is so cute!

    Everyone said this, emma waston, one of my biggest celebrity crushes. Not only because she’s drop dead gorgeous, but she has such a beautiful laugh and accent and she’s smart and she’s going to college at Brown even though she has all kinds of money.

  6. Farah456 sagt:

    I guess we both love Emma Watson =)

  7. revolution427 sagt:

    Omg I LOVE the vampire diaries soooo much haha :)
    I haven’t read the books yet though but i guessing their even better than the show
    also emma watson <3

  8. 13kteixeira sagt:

    Your videos are like my fav to watch :))

  9. rebeccam2 sagt:

    Emma Watson is THE hottest girl ever! Your perfect girl is exactly how i would describe my perfect girl minus the short hair, cause i really like gorgeous hair.

  10. CourtneyArnold65 sagt:

    I love your hair! <3 Super cute.

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