Emma Watson Cuts Her Hair! Like the short, pixie hairstyle?

Facebook.com – Become a Fan! Twitter.com – Follow Us! Emma Watson made a dramatic move and this time it doesn’t have anything to do with acting. ClevverTV has that story right now. Welcome to ClevverTV. Hello everyone. I’m your host Joslyn Davis with a quick look at Harry Potter alum Emma Watson and her new pixie hair-do. Perhaps the lovely lady is channeling her inner Audrey Hepburn or Mia Farrow, but either way she is definitely turning heads. The Harry Potter franchise is close to it’s ultimate close for us viewers, so the new dark blonde cut might be a signal of a new beginning. Emma wrote recently: “Dear all. Cut my hair off a few days ago. Feels incredible. I love it.” She also added that chopping off her Hermione locks was something she’s wanted to do for “years and years” and that’s “it’s the most liberating thing ever.” Also, she hopes everyone likes it. So do you guys like it? Let us know right here. Maybe this means we’ll see Emma pulling a Kristen Stewart and wearing a wig for any last needed scenes for her long-time role as Hermione… For more updates on all things Harry Potter, stick with us and for updates that you’ll only find on facebook, check us out at facebook.com/clevvertv, where you can’t forget to hit the “like” icon. I’m Joslyn Davis – thanks for stopping in today, see you next time on ClevverTV!

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25 Kommentare

  1. Fatimaklait3434 sagt:

    Ewww no she looks like a boy I hate it her hair was beautiful why did she cut it!?

  2. Cait353 sagt:

    well i ahve alopeica its a condishion that makes your hair fall out so my hair is ery short and i love it

  3. SickRebz sagt:

    Hell to the nawww

  4. MegaLippee sagt:

    She looked so nice with long hear but now…..:(

  5. Mikiv26 sagt:

    I think it looks ok, but I really liked her long hair

  6. rawznw8 sagt:


  7. bradybourgeoisjebus sagt:

    No no no, I loved her long hair :(

  8. SillyStringYoASS sagt:

    it doesnt matter what she looks lik:)))

    hair can always grow back…… she will alwaysa be that amazing actress and girl with adorable face. ppl who hate on her becuz of short hair: fk u…. its her life

  9. spears234 sagt:

    …. eh naw

  10. 96luddelus sagt:

    Emma looks so cute in her new hairstyle!! I love it. I hate the fact that people are bitching over it like they own her!! It s her hair and she can do whatever she wants with it!! People that things that she look like a boy just because she has short hair are stupid! Emma has a adorable face and can rock any hairstyle!!

  11. solrun23 sagt:

    i think shes very brave to cut of her hair like that(and it’s very pretty too)
    and im totaly inspired by her, that i am thinking of cutting my hair as well, but i don’t know if it’s gonna suit me:/
    but i relly want to give it a try

  12. jesstotallyrocks sagt:

    I would like her short hair if I didn’t already know how incredible she looked with long hair.

  13. KeatonRep sagt:

    @missW92 fuck you you suck it ugly as hell i like long hair girls short hair sux

  14. WhatchuWant1987 sagt:

    NOOOOOO, what did she do with her hair :O
    it looks horrible

  15. Ripto22475 sagt:

    Hmm that lady in the red dress talks funny. Maybes it me…

  16. natofthecat11 sagt:

    Her fface is strong and beautiful enough to handle, no not just handle, but work it. I think it’s super cute and definitely ends her as “Hermione.” It’s opening up a new chapter as someone other than Hermione. So I love it.

  17. Y0utubeIsFuckingHomo sagt:

    Wow she is FUCKING HOT,the new haircut adds to her sex appeal and she doesn’t even know it.

  18. DarkGreenGadget sagt:

    Did She say hairy potter? xD

  19. WhiteSnickerz sagt:

    next Brittany spears!

  20. ckg95ty sagt:

    I loved her old hair, and her new haircut is alright I guess, but I personally feel that its just a bit too short. I know what its like, wanting to cut all your hair off after years and years of stereotypical long hair(I have a pixie too) and I admire her bravery, what a true gryfindor!

  21. TheAce1082 sagt:

    i think it looks ugly :( i’m a guy and i’ve never met a dude who can say that they like short hair on girls like a pixie cut.

  22. HyperSugarKid sagt:

    it looks really bad :/

  23. Salzi1992 sagt:

    emma watson from haiiiry potter

  24. rawrxcaroleenax sagt:

    I love it, personally :D Although I would never do it… Too much air on the neck, you see.

  25. omi300000 sagt:


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