Emma Watson: Neue Fanpostadresse!

Emma weist darauf hin, dass sie keine weiter Fanpost empfangen wird, die nach Leavesden geschickt wird. Sie sagt, dass Fans ihr entweder an ihre Post Box oder per E – Mail schreiben können.

Hi all, quick favour to ask.
When you lovely lot are sending me letters etc, please can you send them
to the PO Box address on my website and not to Leavesden? There’s no
one at Leavesden anymore so I don’t get those! Also, send emails to

and not info@emmawatson.com which is for questions
about the …website.
I love getting all your letters and I don’t want them going missing!
Thanks guys! x

Sie bittet außerdem darum, dass Fans die richtige E – Mail Adresse verwenden, wenn sie sie kontaktieren möchten.

Oh, and please don’t send any more mail to my agents – Markham,
Froggatt and Irwin. The quickest way to get it to me is to use the PO
Box! Thanks, love Em x

Hier noch kurz die Adresse:

Emma Watson
PO Box 68162
United Kingdom

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13 Kommentare

  1. carmelo sagt:

    emma you are my live .. i love you so much ..my heart is yours ♥♥♥ for me .. you are the beautiful girl of the world …. I love you

  2. sebastian sagt:

    emma you are my live .. i love you so much ..my heart is yours for me .. you are the beautiful girl of the world …. I love you

  3. Eric sagt:

    I don´t can life without you.
    You are the best model on the
    world!!! The best filmstar too.
    I LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Eric sagt:


  5. alina sagt:

    ich finde dich super!!! kommst du mal nach deutschland?

  6. Karoline G. sagt:

    Hi Emma Watson,
    you come someday to Germany?
    I want you see live!!!!
    YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!

  7. hey emma what is your e-mail adress i can´t can find it

  8. oh sorry emma i´ve found it


  9. Dennis Schüle sagt:

    Hello Emma,
    you are really beautiful.
    I would give anything to meet you in person and I would be extremely happy if you came to germany one day.
    I’m really envious of your boyfriend.

  10. sefa sagt:

    emma watson ilove you

  11. Mika sagt:

    Hi Emma,
    I´m a big fan of you and you are very pretty!!
    Can you come to Germany?
    I want to see you live!!!!!

  12. krystian sagt:

    Hey Emma,

    you are the prettiest Girl ever for me, i see all Movies with you. I Love you so much, i cant realy read this here in Chatroom.. i have to try to contact you, but it is very very difficult.. I hope so my Dream could be true to meet you.

    You are in my Hear and in my Wishes ..

    Love :* <3

  13. Hi Emma
    I thank you so much, because you are here , in this world. I love you sooo!! I’ ve got your bags, 18 posters ,all the acceseures from elbenwald, … .I want to see you live : ♡♡ so nice , so happy and with all the other cute thins .
    ♥♥ I love you soooooo♡ .Luana

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